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What is the main role of piezoelectric actuators?

What is the main role of piezoelectric actuators?

The piezoelectric actuators are the device or transducers that use the electrical energy and then convert it into mechanical stress or displacement, and all these things depend on the piezoelectric effects.

These are the material used to produce the electric current, which is why they are referred to them as motors. It can even compressor stretched so that it can generate the electrical output. The piezoelectric material is used in several devices or application that helps in many things.

It helps in generating the force, response speed and even offers energy efficiently. It helps in controlling. It harnesses the motion and helps in providing the short strokes with fast response and high frequency.

 Produce electric currency

  • One of the main roles of the actuator is that it helps in converting the electrical signal into the physical displacement or the stroke, and all these take place when you place that under mechanical stress.
  • It controls the physical displacement that prevents the useable force and will even help control the piezoelectric actuator.

Control hydraulic valve

  • The next thing you need to do is control the hydraulic valve that will act like the small pump of volume and even perform the special purpose motors.
  • You may require the actuator in so many different appliances, and many other applications are required.