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Get The Anwers Of Your Question from Founder Itself

Get The Anwers Of Your Question from Founder Itself

Matt Choi, founder and chief strategist of Certus Trading, is Matt Choi. Certus Trading, a trading education company, aims to help traders and investors make consistent profits with stocks, ETFs, and options. Matt has over 16 years of experience in trading the markets. He is also the author The Winning Way, which discusses the importance of a winning mindset for trading success.

What is one thing that you recommend to everyone as a successful entrepreneur?

This is very dear to me. It is important to surround yourself with honest, good-hearted people who can teach you. This is something you can’t give up. This could be through formal education, or as a mentor or coach. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to be mentored by great people.

Two mastermind groups are also available to me, one of which is a trading mastermind. This group consists of four to five traders who meet regularly and talk about trading. I try to learn from others who are more successful than me.

For advice, I recommend that everyone join these types of mentorship opportunities or groups. This is one of my favorite ways to grow.

Which strategy has been most successful in growing your business?

It must be scalable. This strategy would be considered a strategy. Every aspect of Certus Trading must be scalable. Because I have limited hours per day, I am the face of the business. To help as many people as I can, I must spend my time wisely. Doctors and dentists work one-on-1, so they can only see one patient at a given time.

Our business is different, so it’s important to make sure that the business structure is flexible. We deliver our education via email, webinars, live coaching, and group coaching sessions. We can simultaneously help 10 people while still maintaining the quality and integrity of our education.

Our student acquisition process is also automated. We pre-record most of our training materials for potential clients in order to increase our reach. I give a lot at live events and webinars.

These training materials accomplish two things. One, they instill trust in our students about their education; two, it screens potential students who don’t want to improve themselves as traders.

How did you overcome that failure as an entrepreneur?

Everything was my responsibility when Certus Trading first began. Everything was on me when I started Certus Trading. Even though we had good intentions, we sold too many of the program to the point that I wasn’t able to help everyone. People were furious that I didn’t respond on time or that my training was not properly structured. In the sense that customers were unhappy, it was a failure. This should be the metric for any product or service. It doesn’t matter how great the product or service is, if customers don’t like it, you will fail. We learned to emphasize scaleability from that experience and have been much more successful since.

Which business idea would you be willing to share with our readers?

Social media management has huge potential. Many small businesses don’t have enough time or the expertise to set up and maintain a social media presence. It’s a full-time job to be active on social media. You need to keep track of the comments, questions and feedback that comes in.

One business idea that I believe is a good one, especially for millennials looking to be entrepreneurs, is to use this knowledge and start a company around social media management. You can create content if you are passionate about it. This business is easy to start. You don’t even need a lot of capital. From the beginning, this can easily turn into a 5-figure-a-month business.

Which was the most expensive $100 you spent recently? Which and why?

It is right now that I am looking at. It is a personal one. I purchased a nice water container. Healthy Human made the 1-liter insulated water bottle. I often feel dehydrated when I am at work or on conference calls with my students. Every morning, I have Certus Trading Review 1 liter of green coffee and the same in the afternoon.

Which piece of software or web service can you use to help you be more productive? What are you doing with it?

Our business is a business-to consumer company so customer service is key. is our favorite piece of software right now. It is a customer service software which manages email from clients, students, and potential sales leads. It all is stored in one location, making it easy to access. It gives you a history. If a customer has any questions, I will review the history and work with them to solve it. This simple software is essential for having a history that anyone can access. Our students also provide many testimonials, making this software a great tool for sharing customer success stories with my team.

Which book would you recommend to our community? Why?

The Long Tail was Chris Anderson’s book that changed my life. It was probably published in 2006. I found it to be a great book that taught me how to think differently. The book discusses how focusing on the long tail can help you find all the specialty information, and where the money is. That’s why people will pay more to have that special information. It taught me to be specific and not to follow the crowd.

If you see everyone’s website looking the exact same from a business standpoint, it is time to do something new. It’s all about standing out from the crowd and being different. It’s interesting that I am a contractrian and don’t follow the crowd is part of my trading philosophy. This approach has greatly contributed to my trading and entrepreneurial success.

This is because we live in a world where Amazon, Google, and Walmart have the majority of the mass market. Because they are unable to compete with the big companies, small businesses are struggling. You must dig deep if you want your business or individual to be different. You will soon be overwhelmed by mass marketers who can do it much faster than you. This book taught me to continue doing what I do and to be unique and provide a unique service for my customers.

Which quote is your favourite?

“Done is better that perfect” is my background in logistics. You can see the perfection in me. This hindered me as an entrepreneur and trader. I was always searching for the perfect strategy, or the ultimate in trading. It never came and it was a waste of my time.

Now, I see things differently. Now I see that your product, your strategy or service must be quickly released and then tweaked until they succeed. It’s possible to spend little, get it out quickly and then make improvements.

If I were to try 100 different ideas for building my training strategies, 99 would fail. Imagine me trying to perfect each one. It’s not possible. Now, I put them out there and trade them. To trade them, I spend $100 to $200. This gives me a good idea of how they work. The only thing I need is one of those 100 ideas that works. This will go in my trading strategy. I can now confidently place $10,000 or $20,000 behind each trade. I plan to use this strategy for many years to come. It’s important to experiment with many things and not settle for perfection.