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Destroy Your Antique Necklace Malabar Gold

Destroy Your Antique Necklace Malabar Gold

Single crochet around the edge with Rich Red. Row 1: Single crochet around the edge with Old Gold, making 3 single crochets in each corner to maintain shaping. With Old Gold and Leaf Green work, several leaf stitches in a random pattern over the pot holder. With Rich Redwork, 2 leaf stitches are at the center. With Leaf Green work, 2 leaf stitches across from each other in between Rich Red leaves. For eyes, shape two 1/8-inch green balls into flattened ovals, and attach them to the head. Step 2: For ears, shape two 5/16-inch black balls into triangles. Shape two 1/8-inch white balls into triangles, and attach them to the bottom of the muzzle for fangs. Mix a small amount of Fuschia clay with white clay to create pastel pink.

Little white triangles make up the bat’s fangs, while pink is for the tongue. The pendant also has a fancy 14K white gold 18-inch long cobra chain with a lobster claw lock. The width of the chain is 19 mm. Find inspiration with more great Halloween accents. On the next page, we’ll teach you how to decorate a great candy jar. Use a craft knife to cut 3 scallops in the bottom of each wing. Etch lines in each wing with a needle tool. Make an indent with a needle tool. A few items are all you need to make a special necklace for a friend. Use this along with beautiful chandelier earrings plus a simple necklace for a sophisticated appearance. From simple to extravagant designs infused in a Baroque style, vintage Sarah fancy earrings Coventry jewelry imitates nature and ethnic forms.

Presenting an all in one gold plated jewelry will make a woman happier at any time. Make 2 smaller triangles of purple clay, and attach 1 to each ear. Attach 1/8-inch purple ball for nose. Step 3: For the muzzle, flatten 3/8-inch black ball. For each wing, shape a 3/4-inch black ball into a flattened triangle. One corner of the pot holder. In other words, we use the same hubs/molds/tools that artisans of the time used to reproduce exact replicas of bracelets of the past! There is a lot that is available for those who have an affection for silver bracelets for women. Use metallic silver floss to stitch metal button eyes in place. Place a seed bead in each eye. Attach ears to head.